Step Aside Lakers, Oklahoma City Thunder is in the House!

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Who said that the OC Thunders have no chance against the Lakers? The latest Oklahoma City win over the LA Lakers brings the series at 3-1. Step aside Kobe, because Westbrook and Durant is in the spotlight. If the LA Lakers just held on to the fourth quarter, it seemed a win was in the bag. After all, Kobe Bryant led his team with 38 points, but was unable to secure the much needed win. This is the playoffs and that means everyone has to play strong from the beginning to the end. Whether you are an Oklahoma fan or not, you have to appreciate and respect the team’s attitude to the game: it’s never over until the buzzer says it’s over. Many teams would become demoralized after a lackluster game heading into the final quarter. In contrast, the Oklahoma City Thunders turned this into a burning desire to take the game away from the Lakers. A lot of finger pointing is going around and many are wondering where Pau Gasol was in all of this? Gasol looked tired, probably from all the partying he did the prior night. Maybe he got into a fight with his girlfriend. Whatever the case may be, there is no reason to justify Gasol’s performance. He doesn’t get paid $18 million to play average basketball. He gets paid an all star’s salary to win game for the LA Lakers.

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The Start Of A New Chicago Bulls Era With Derrick Rose At The Helm

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I have to admit, the NBA lockout left a sour taste in my mouth and I told myself I would just watch basketball once the NFL season is over, but who was I kidding? The way the Chicago Bulls have played has gotten me to watch every game. Can you believe how amazing the Chicago Bulls are playing this year? As of today, the Bulls have the best record in the NBA with 16 wins and 3 losses as well as having a four game winning streak. We have to give a lot of props to the players and their ability to show their determination to win because it seems like everyone on the Chicago Bulls bench has some sort of injury. Derrick Rose has been nursing a bad toe, Taj Gibson is still recovering from his foot injury, Joakim Noah is recovering from a sprained ankle, and to make matters worse, Luol Deng recently hurt his wrist. Even with the plethora of accidents the Chicago Bulls is experiencing, they are pulling off the wins. The Chicago Bulls have shown us all that they are not a one man team. If a player gets knocked down, another teammate takes his place.

A lot of critics are drawing parallels between the Tom Thibodeau’s Chicago Bulls and Phil Jackson’s Chicago Bulls. All I have to say is that the Bulls defense is strong and their passing game is very slick. Sure, Derrick Rose is in the spotlight as the Bull’s All-Star player, but the team overall is unselfish. It’s hard not to like a team that plays for the love of the game. Support your favorite basketball team with NBA basketball checks. Get the best basketball checks by ordering custom photo checks of your favorite player.

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First 2 Weeks of NBA Basketball Games Are Cancelled For 2011

So it’s official. A lot of us guessed this would happen and now the games are being cancelled. The reason? NBA basketball players are in battle with team owners over salary. As a sports fan all I can say is there is no excuse to do this to the fans. In days where many Americans are making sacrifices to make ends meet, is making an average $5 million not enough? I’m all for negotiations but hopefully a resolution can be made.

So what would happen if the NBA cancels the whole 2011-12 season? NBA stars and owners should check reality. A more prolonged lockout will cause fans and viewership to drop causing this sport to die of in America. Maybe the loss of NBA will cause fans to shift their interest to NHL or soccer.

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Dennis Rodman Checks Into The Hall of Fame

Have you considered getting Dennis Rodman checks? Say what you will about the way Dennis Rodman looks, but I think we can agree that Rodman was a bad-ass basketball player. As one of the best defensive players with an uncanny ability to rebound, Dennis Rodman has recently been inducted into the Hall of Fame. He is most notable for his career with the Detroit Pistons, San Antonio Spurs, and the Chicago Bulls.

While playing for the Pistons in 1992, Dennis Rodman really made a name for himself averaging nearly 19 rebounds per game. No basketball player today even comes close to this statistic. Personally, I loved watching Rodman with the Bulls playing side-by-side with Michael Jordan. The 1998 NBA Championship spotlight was on Jordan, but you know Rodman was instrumental in securing the win.

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