Dennis Rodman Checks Into The Hall of Fame

Have you considered getting Dennis Rodman checks? Say what you will about the way Dennis Rodman looks, but I think we can agree that Rodman was a bad-ass basketball player. As one of the best defensive players with an uncanny ability to rebound, Dennis Rodman has recently been inducted into the Hall of Fame. He is most notable for his career with the Detroit Pistons, San Antonio Spurs, and the Chicago Bulls.

While playing for the Pistons in 1992, Dennis Rodman really made a name for himself averaging nearly 19 rebounds per game. No basketball player today even comes close to this statistic. Personally, I loved watching Rodman with the Bulls playing side-by-side with Michael Jordan. The 1998 NBA Championship spotlight was on Jordan, but you know Rodman was instrumental in securing the win.

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