First 2 Weeks of NBA Basketball Games Are Cancelled For 2011

So it’s official. A lot of us guessed this would happen and now the games are being cancelled. The reason? NBA basketball players are in battle with team owners over salary. As a sports fan all I can say is there is no excuse to do this to the fans. In days where many Americans are making sacrifices to make ends meet, is making an average $5 million not enough? I’m all for negotiations but hopefully a resolution can be made.

So what would happen if the NBA cancels the whole 2011-12 season? NBA stars and owners should check reality. A more prolonged lockout will cause fans and viewership to drop causing this sport to die of in America. Maybe the loss of NBA will cause fans to shift their interest to NHL or soccer.

Hopefully we will get an announcement that the lockout is over. In the meantime, order your favorite NBA
and support your favorite basketball team.