Derek Jeter Joins the 3000 Hitting Club

Do you want to order Derek Jeter checks? Derek Jeter, the shortstop of the New York Yankees, has joined the ranks of Pete Rose and Hank Aaron in joining the 3000 hit club. To top it off, Jeter accomplished this feat in style by hitting a homerun to become the 28th baseball player to join the club. Derek Jeter made history hitting a solo homerun off a pitch thrown by David Price of the Tampa Bay Rays.

As for the lucky fan that caught the 3000 hit ball? A Yankees fan, Christian Lopez, became the proud owner of the ball and unselfishly handed the ball over because he felt Derek Jeter deserved it. What a true fan. This was a baseball that could be worth millions of dollars if he sold it and he does the right thing. Baseball brings out the best of everyone.

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Dennis Rodman Checks Into The Hall of Fame

Have you considered getting Dennis Rodman checks? Say what you will about the way Dennis Rodman looks, but I think we can agree that Rodman was a bad-ass basketball player. As one of the best defensive players with an uncanny ability to rebound, Dennis Rodman has recently been inducted into the Hall of Fame. He is most notable for his career with the Detroit Pistons, San Antonio Spurs, and the Chicago Bulls.

While playing for the Pistons in 1992, Dennis Rodman really made a name for himself averaging nearly 19 rebounds per game. No basketball player today even comes close to this statistic. Personally, I loved watching Rodman with the Bulls playing side-by-side with Michael Jordan. The 1998 NBA Championship spotlight was on Jordan, but you know Rodman was instrumental in securing the win.

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2011 NFL Preseason Football Has Begun!

The pre-season for NFL football has finally kicked off this week so we are recommending another custom NFL check with a cool photo idea in honor of the football gods.

With the NFL lockout over, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. But seriously, the NFL should not be messing around with a lockout. A winter without football is enough to make any grown man cry. This was almost as serious as our politicians causing our nation to default on its debt. In any case, with this matter behind us, we can focus on what matters… the game!

The biggest buzz right now is in the Philadelphia Eagles corner. Every fantasy football owner wants to check out Michael Vick and see if will produce one of the best seasons yet. With the addition of Smith and Brown in the Eagles arsenal, will they rise to dominate the NFC? I think a trip to Vegas is in order. Personally, I’m interested in the QB situation on the Denver Broncos. I agree that Kyle Orton is the conservative play, but I would take a chance on Tim Tebow. Orton is good, but will never be great. Tebow has the chance to be great. After all, he did manage to be awarded the Heisman Trophy.

All things considered, the 2011 NFL season looks very exciting. Show your support and order custom NFL checks.

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