2011 Green Bay Packers Unstoppable – Clinches Division

Is there any NFL team that can stand up to the Green Bay Packers? With a perfect record of 12-0, Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers have already guaranteed a place in the playoffs and are huge favorites to win the Super Bowl this season. For Packers fans, the perfect gifts for the holiday season are Green Bay Packers personal checks. For instructions on how to buy these custom bank checks, check out our page on Green Bay Packers checks.

Aaron Rodgers is a machine and his ability to find receivers are second to none for the 2011 season. I have hopes to see Rodgers break records and surpass his past personal records. Granted the Packers looked a little vulnerable against the Giants, they won and remain perfect and that is all that matters. For the 2011 season, the most interesting division has to be the NFC North and it’s not because the Green Bay Packers have dominated this group, but because of the emergence of the Detroit Lions as a respectable team. Granted I got my money on the Chicago Bears for the Wild Card position, the Lions are in a heated battle with the Bears along with the Falcons.

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First 2 Weeks of NBA Basketball Games Are Cancelled For 2011

So it’s official. A lot of us guessed this would happen and now the games are being cancelled. The reason? NBA basketball players are in battle with team owners over salary. As a sports fan all I can say is there is no excuse to do this to the fans. In days where many Americans are making sacrifices to make ends meet, is making an average $5 million not enough? I’m all for negotiations but hopefully a resolution can be made.

So what would happen if the NBA cancels the whole 2011-12 season? NBA stars and owners should check reality. A more prolonged lockout will cause fans and viewership to drop causing this sport to die of in America. Maybe the loss of NBA will cause fans to shift their interest to NHL or soccer.

Hopefully we will get an announcement that the lockout is over. In the meantime, order your favorite NBA
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With No Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts Gets Destroyed In Season Opener

As Peyton Manning checks into the hospital due to a preseason neck injury, the Indianapolis Colts had the biggest wakeup call yet that a season without Manning is going to be a long one.

In one of their most embarrassing season openers, the Colts were clobbered by the Houston Texans in the Sunday football game that ended with a score of 34-7. After watching this game, it made a lot of us realize how vulnerable the Indianapolis Colts are. It’s like Peyton Manning was the magic glue that held the team together and now that the glue is gone, the pieces are coming apart. Changes need to be made in the offensive line and the weakness of our defense still needs to be addressed. We can only hope that Manning makes a swift recovery, but considering how his injury is related to the neck the prospects of him returning in the 2011 season doesn’t look so good especially when we consider the rehabilitation time that will be needed. Even though the prospects of the Colts are looking pretty grim, we know it’s not fair to cast judgment on the team after a single game, so the Indianapolis Colts better whip into shape for the next game.

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Beyonce is having a Baby with Jay-Z!

Do you want to order Beyonce Checks? It’s official everyone. Beyonce Knowles just announced to the world that she is pregnant with Jay-Z’s child. Having been happily married for three years, Beyonce proudly showed off her belly during her performance at the VMAs. Apparently Beyonce wanted to have a baby before she turns thirty years old and she got exactly what she wanted. Congrats on such great news!

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