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Are you a student or alumni of Ohio State University? Show your pride and order custom Ohio State University Checks today.

Ohio State University once again has been noted as a top innovator. Because innovation is highly valued, Thomson Reuters News Agency set out to determine the 100 most innovative universities in the world. Ohio State ranks number 29, not far behind the University of Cambridge in England, which ranks number 25. To create the rankings, Reuters cross referenced a list of the 500 organizations with the most journal publications between 2008 and 2013 with the number of patents filed by each organization and then reduced the list to only those that had applied for 70 or more patents. Other criteria included patents granted versus applications made, global patent applications, and measures designed to determine the impact of patents and publications on industry and on other researchers. Ohio State ranks fourth in conducting industry-sponsored research on the National Science Foundation’s list of research universities in the U.S. The university received 90 patents in the fiscal year of 2013 alone. In that same year, the Association of Public and Land Grant Universities included Ohio State as one of 16 Innovation and Economic Prosperity Universities. In 2014, the university helped launch 14 startup businesses. Ohio State is indeed an important source of innovation.

Whether you are still in school or have already graduated, you know you have pleasant memories of your experience at Ohio State. From the partying to the grueling studying, you wouldn’t be the same person without the university experience. What you need are customized Ohio State University checks to proudly show your affiliation.

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Ohio State University Checks
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