Jeremy Lin Checks – The Future of the New York Knicks!

Are you half as excited as I am with the emergence of the New York Knicks’ point guard Jeremy Lin? All I can say right now is that Jeremy Lin is a rock star who has proven to the world that he has basketball talent. As a 6’3” Asian American with a degree from Harvard University, Jeremy Lin has emerged to all-star status overnight garnering fans all over the world. It’s no wonder everyone is interested in ordering Jeremy Lin jerseys and memorabilia like personal checks.

If you are only just hearing about Jeremy Lin from watching the news or highlights from the latest NY Knicks game, his journey to the NBA story is quite inspirational. It all started with a dream to play basketball and despite being put down at crucial points of his life, Jeremy Lin held on to his dream. While applying to colleges, Jeremy was denied sports scholarships to his dream schools and was told by some that he was a second-rate basketball player. Jeremy Lin ended up going to Harvard University where he posted amazing stats in scoring, rebounding, and assists proving the skeptics wrong. After graduating, Jeremy Lin faced another set-back being undrafted. Despite the news, Jeremy persisted and eventually signed with the Golden State Warriors in 2010; however, Jeremy Lin barely had any play time. On December 2011, Jeremy Lin was let go and the Houston Rockets claimed him off waivers. Interestingly enough, he was let go by the Rockets within a couple weeks and was claimed by the New York Knicks as their backup guard. It all started with Jeremy Lin leading the Knicks to a win over the Utah Jazz without all stars Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire. Ever since then, Jeremy Lin has emerged as a highly respected NBA player. Jeremy Lin is a Cinderella story that shows that hard work and persistence pays off.

Jeremy Lin has dedicated fans and it seems like his fan club is only growing after every game he leads the New York Knicks to a victory. The number 17 jersey is one of the hottest selling items in NYC and everyone is asking how we can order Jeremy Lin checks. Wouldn’t it be great to have a picture of Jeremy Lin on your bank checks?

So How Can I Order Custom Photo Checks?

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