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Are you a student or alumni of Iowa State University? Show your pride and order custom Iowa State University Checks today.

Iowa State University Researchers Discover Useful “Orphan Gene”. While most Iowa State University graduates already have plenty of reasons to be proud of their alma mater, recent research in agricultural genetics has the potential to impact health on a global level. An Iowa State professor and adjunct professor have determined that a specific gene, called QQS, can increase the amount of protein available in plants without reducing the yield of the crop. Already tested in plants that are a regular part of the human diet, such as corn and soybeans, QQS could be useful in improving the nutrition of people in developing countries who rely on plants as a major food source. QQS has also been referred to as an “orphan gene” by researchers because it has not been found in the genome of any other living thing. Additional research and testing will be necessary before the gene can be introduced to plants and used to combat both hunger and the damaging effects of protein deficiencies in the developing world.

Whether you are still in school or have already graduated, you know you have pleasant memories of your experience at Iowa State. From the partying to the grueling studying, you wouldn’t be the same person without the university experience. What you need are customized Iowa State University checks to proudly show your affiliation.

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Iowa State University Checks
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